Welcome to Helios

Helios Energy Investments is a group of private equity funds investing in power generation plants with long term power purchase agreements which provide for steady annual returns as well as capital appreciation.  Helios manages more than €500 million in multiple funds with investments in more than 250 MW of solar PV, wind, waste to energy, bio-mass and bio-gas power plants.

Helios specializes in the Distributed Power & Heat Generation sector (“DG”), placing power plants in proximity to energy demand, which enables co-generation, reduces LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and avoids transmission bottlenecks.

Helios invests in a select number of countries, primarily in Europe and Israel. In these countries Helios establishes a strong network of developers, operators, banks and service providers.  Once established in a country, Helios grows its investment portfolio to reach critical mass in all relevant segments of DG, including solar PV, waste to energy, wind energy, bio-mass, bio-gas and energy storage.  This strategy allows Helios to make more rapid and efficient investments as well as to maximize the returns through aggregation.  Helios is active in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Israel.