Market Overview

The Distributed Power & Heat Generation (“DG”) sector is a global industry growing at 15% CAGR and expected to exeed $206B by 2020.  The industry has grown rapidly in recent years as a result of the increased need to decentralize power generation and to locate energy production closer to the consumption.

DG includes multiple sectors and methods for power generation such as Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Biomass, Biogas, Cogeneration and Energy Storage.  These sectors are projected to continue to show greater than 10% CAGR over the next decade.


The following chart shows the Solar PV sector growing at more than 20% CAGR.


The following chart shows the Bio-Gas sector growing by over 25% CAGR,  primarily in Europe:


The following chart depicts the growth forecast of the Bio-Power sector by region. Included in this category are, direct and co-firing bio-mass to electricity plants, as well as anaerobic digestion plants (bio-gas).


The use of municipal solid waste for energy generation is expected to experience rapid growth in the next decade.  A variety of technologies will enable smart collection, processing (e.g. material recovery facilities, mechanical/biological treatments, refuse-derived fuel) and energy production (e.g. waste-to-energy, waste-to-fuel and landfill gas-to-energy).