Investment Strategy

Helios evaluates its investments not only on project basis, but also on portfolio and country basis to maximize the returns of the fund to the investors.  Helios targets investments with consistent income generation, providing a stable and attractive cash-on-cash annual return, as well as capital appreciation upon a final sale of each portfolio.


Helios targets countries with a clear energy regulatory framework which provides a good visibility for high IRR returns in the targeted sector for at least a 2-3 year time window.  The target countries must enjoy a strong financial institutions that provide competitive project financing and that can also be in a position to acquire the investments at a relatively lower cap rate once the portfolio in that country has reached the required scale and performance history.

Helios invests primarily in Europe and Israel.  In these countries Helios establishes a strong network of developers, operators, banks and service providers.  Together with its network of local partners Helios is able to enter projects as early as the end of the development phase and also at later phases such as: financial close, construction and after commissioning.  Helios is also involved in acquisitions of secondary market projects after their connection to the grid where an opportunity exists to achieve higher than average returns due to improvements to operational performance and/or change in the financial structure of the projects.