Investment Sectors


Solar PV

Solar PV has been an investment sector of Helios since its inception in 2010.  Helios has been adapting its investment strategy in Solar PV to accommodate the shift from a feed in tariff incentive system to a grid parity environment in which no incentives are provided.  Helios has also been very active in the secondary market for solar PV, often in co-investment partnership with leading Israeli financial institutions.


Helios entered the waste to energy sector in the UK in 2015, through an investment in Bioenergy Infrastructure Group Limited ("BIG"), an independent power producer owning biomass gasification and combustion plants producing electricity.  BIG's has invested in two power plants, a 21.5MW waste wood plant in INCE Park, Cheshire and a 26MW refuse derived fuel plant in Hull city. Waste-to-Energy is a growth industry in Europe and expected to be an important investment sector for Helios.


Helios has a portfolio of investments in the bio-mass sector (bio-mass-for-heat) in the UK.   Bio-Mass to energy is one of the fastest growing segments in DG and Helios expects to be very active in this sector.


Bio-Gas is an important DG sector in developed as well as developing countries.  Generating energy through anaerobic digestion process using feedstock from energy crops, food waste and animal manure has important environmental benefits as well as an economic benefit to the agriculture sector which is a priority for many countries.

Natural Gas Co-Generation

Natural gas co-generation is a fast growing sector in certain countries such as Israel.  Placing co-generation power plants near points of energy consumption allows for efficient use of both the electricity and the heat produced by these plants. The combined heat and power production (CHP) increases dramatically the energy efficiency of these plants, resulting in a much reduced LCOE.  In Israel, with the newly discovered natural gas reserves and a national plan to establish a natural gas distribution network, the co-generation sector is expected to experience very high growth over the next decade.


Helios has been very active in pursuing opportunities in the wind sector in its target markets as well as in other fast growing European markets such as Poland.

Energy Storage

Helios sees a significant growth opportunity in energy storage facilities that will become an integral part of power plants and the grid. Energy storage addresses grid balancing challenges created by non-linear generation profiles of renewable energy and other DG power production facilities.